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This alcohol free toning tonic provides skin with a layer of gently exfoliating hydration that protects your skin from environmental agitators and harmful toxins with the most beautiful calming aroma. 


Witch Hazel (alcohol free)- An antioxidant & rich with tannins, Witch Hazel tightens pores and has many acne fighting properties. It's also great for reducing puffiness, acne & blotchiness. 

Hibiscus- Known as the Botox plant, for its lifting and toning properties. It inhibits elastase—an enzyme that breaks down elastin in your skin making it a key ingredient for aging skin.  

Rosehips- Brightens skin and evens out the complexion, while also regenerating cells. It's a great ingredient for boosting collagen and keeping skin supple and youthful.

Juniper- Antibacterial, antiseptic, astringent & detoxifying properties make Juniper a great addition for healing acne.

Green Tea- Increases hydration, reduces puffiness and fights acnes while also preventing free radical damage. 

Turmeric- Brightens complexion and lessens the appearance of dark spots.

Ginger- Fades scars and promotes cellular rejuvenation. 

Spanish Lavender- Improves the circulation by adding oxygen to the skin cells providing a boost of energy and kick-starting new cell growth.


50 ml 

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