A practice of mindfulness.

I was given samples at an event in 2016. At the time I was using a high-end line of facial products that I was ordering internationally. 

I was instantly hooked on Simple Rituals when I got the same, if not better, results!

My skin is so smooth, clear and bright. My favourite thing about the product is the beautiful daily ritual of rich scented oils, steamy water and refreshing spritz. It is a practice of mindfulness that has become a very important part of my day - I never skip it!

- Elizabeth Halifax NS

I'm never going to switch!

I've always had sensitive skin but I began to experience allergic reactions to everything I used. It got really bad and I ended up getting an allergy specialist who did testing and discovered a very LONG list of chemicals I could not tolerate. There was literally nothing I could buy in store and safely use. I came across a post about this product and gave it a try. I'm never going to switch! My skin is 100 percent healthy. 

- Monica Halifax, NS 

What I'm putting on my skin is important to me.

I started my journey with Simple Rituals three years ago and I'm so thankful I stumbled across these products on Instagram! It has made such a difference in the texture and tone of my skin. Breakouts are now few and far between and clear up quickly when they do happen. I would take a bath in the Mist if I could afford it! It seems like a small thing but taking the time to wipe off the Cleanse at the end of the day is such a nice way to unwind. I will happily recommend these products to anyone anytime I talk skincare or natural products - know exactly what ingredients are on my skin is important to me and Simple Rituals makes that easy! 

- Laura Dartmouth, NS

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