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We only use ingredients that you can pronounce. We're 90 % organic and we often send your skincare in the box our raw materials and packaging came in. It's what's inside that counts, right? 

Zero toxins - Zero Chemicals - 100% good stuff

Naturopaths know best.

"I've been a user of Simple Ritual Skincare for over a year now and with demonstrable results it is now exclusively what I am recommending to all of my clients for a healthy skincare regime. Angela's devotion to natural, quality ingredients and the formulation of the products are a win-win in my books. The first step in detoxifying the skin is avoiding preservatives and other ingredients that have been shown to be EDCs (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals), I appreciate that all products in Angela's line are completely non-toxic, with simple, pronounceable ingredients. The second step for healthy skin is using an oil-based cleanser of which Simple Rituals is based around. The oil-based Cleanse can penetrate pores much more efficiently than a water based product loaded with surfactants and SLS. After the Cleanse, the Mist toner is my favourite of the line. The smell is incredible and therapeutic in its own right. I use it as a standalone for freshening my skin after a long day and for calming wind, razor or sun burn."

Dr Sandra Murphy N.D.

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This skincare line is amazing. My skin has never felt so soft and hydrated. I am a flight attendant and my skin is hard to keep hydrated. The first time I applied the nourish oil, I literally said "oh my god!" out loud since it so incredibly soft.

Janelle Vancouver BC

I was scared to use it because I've never broken outside the box when it comes to my skincare. All I have to say is AMAZING! My skin has never felt or looked so good. I highly recommend it. Goodbye drugstore skin lines!

Alissa Halifax NS

These products are amazing! My skin has never felt softer or looked healthier. 

Kelly Halifax NS

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