Grapeseed Oil. So Nice We Used it Twice!

Grapeseed Oil is extracted from the seeds of the vitis vinifera botanical, the grape cultivated for wine. Often discarded, the seeds are actually the most nourishing part of the plant. 

This potent oil is even referenced in the Bible, in a dish called Pulse, which the Prophet Daniel is said to have eaten for its health-enhancing properties.

Medical practitioners in Ancient Europe used all parts of the grape in medicinal treatments, especially to create ointments used on ailments of the skin and the eyes. The leaves were used as bandages to help stop the flow of blood in wounds and to soothe inflammation associated with hemorrhoids. Unripe grapes were eaten to relieve constipation and the discomfort of over-eating. Overly ripe grapes were used to address nausea and skin diseases such as smallpox. Dried grapes are better known as raisins, which naturally relieve constipation and liver problems.

You can see why we were drawn into discovering what this oil could do for our skin!

Skin and Hair Benefits

Soothes Acne Breakouts

Omegas are essential fatty acids (EFAs) our body needs to regulate oxygen use, transport electrons, and produce energy. They also contribute the nourishment needed to heal wounds from the inside. Grapeseed oil is full of both 6s and 9s, which when used topically can help to soothe painful acne and reduce the severity of future breakouts. 

Exceptional Cleansing 

Stearic acid has cleansing properties that purge dirt, sweat, and excess sebum  from your face. Making it ideal oil cleanser when blended with Castor oil


Reduce Signs of Ageing 

Omega 9, an Oleic acid reduces the appearance of aging, such as premature wrinkles and fine lines by providing skin with the good stuff it needs to soften and stay elastic. This affords us the ability to keep our youthful glow throughout our life. 

Grapeseed oil also brightens, repairs and protects from free radicals. 

Promotes Stronger, Thicker Hair Growth

All of the above, combined with a lack of greasiness make this oil ideal for removing eye makeup and giving your lashes and brows a boost. 

Don't just take our word for it as the science is catching up. This is a link to a scientific study of the wound healing and skin's protective barrier replenishment of various oils. Grapeseed oil is showing the ability to provide our skin with the building blocks to health and balance.