How to Use

1. Cleanse

Massage Cleanse into dry skin in small outward circles for 1-3 minutes. Including eyelids, lashes and brows!  

Grab a clean face cloth and steam it up with the hottest water you can comfortably stand and drape it over your face for 15 seconds before using to remove Cleanse fully. Might take a few rinses but it is SO relaxing. Don't rush. 

2. Mist

Mist face with 2-4 spritzes. Pat into skin lightly.

3. Nourish

Massage one pump into clean skin. Give a few minutes to absorb before applying makeup. . 

4. Buff 

Once or twice a week, after CLEANSE, pour a good amount of Buff into palm and mix with a few drops of water and a pump of CLEANSE (double cleansing!) and then massage into skin in small circles. Avoid eyes. Use the same steamy cloth method to remove as CLEANSE. Follow with MIST & NOURISH. 

5. Clean Slate

Once a week, after CLEANSE, mix Clean Slate with water to make a slightly wet paste. Using fingers or a brush apply to face and neck, avoiding eyes and allow to dry fully. (15-20 min) Remove with a steamy cloth. Follow with MIST & NOURISH


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